Monday, July 11, 2011

Mission Restoration for San Antonio & San Miguel

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Native Daughters of the Golden West Mission Restoration Committee is charged with the responsibility to support the restoration and preservation of the California Missions. The Committee directs restoration work with funds provided through donations. To assist in these efforts, District Parlors often host "Mission Restoration" luncheons.

On June 11, 2011, District 22 held their annual Mission Restoration Luncheon at the Active Seniors Hall in Salinas. The net profits from the event were donated to Native Daughters of the Golden West Charitable Foundation Inc. Committee (CFIC)-Mission Restoration, specifically designated for two of our local missions: Mission San San Antonio and Mission San Miguel.

Grand President Barbara Rowland was in attendance along with several of her Grand Officers: Grand Vice President Marilynn Rodrigues, Angelita Parlor No. 32; Grand Marshal Linda Galassi, El Vespero Parlor No. 118; and Suzi Riley, Grand Trustee, Bonita Parlor No. 10. A luncheon of grilled tri-tip and grilled chicken was served, catered by Turf Club Catering in Salinas.

Each District 22 Parlor donated a gift basket valued at $50.00. The baskets were raffled off with all of the raffle ticket proceeds donated to CFIC-Mission Restoration. We were able to raise $1,621.85 to help with future restoration projects at these two missions. Thank you to all who attended and all who donated!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Busy Year So Far!

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2011 has been a busy year so far for Aleli Parlor. On February 26, 2011, we held our District 22 Official Visit of Grand President Barbara Rowland [pictured above with Aleli Parlor President Lucy Cornelius (on right)].

We were honored to have several of her Grand Officers attend as well: Grand Vice President Marilynn Rodrigues, Angelita Parlor No. 32; Grand Marshal Linda Galassi, El Vespero Parlor No. 118; Grand Trustee Sharon Logan, San Jose Parlor No. 81; and Grand Trustee Bonnie Tabor, Morada Parlor No. 199.

The Ceremony of Initiation was conducted. Native Daughters of the Golden West was honored to have seven new members initiated (four from Aleli Parlor!):
  • Kelsie Howe, Aleli Parlor No. 102
  • Warren King, Aleli Parlor No. 102
  • Lillian McPhee, Aleli Parlor No. 102
  • Joanne Reyes, Aleli Parlor No. 102
  • Sherry Garcia, Junipero Parlor No. 141
  • Pauline Kirby, Junipero Parlor No. 141
  • Nancy Zuniga, San Juan Bautista Parlor No. 179
Grand President Barbara pinned the Emblem of the Order and term pins on the new members and presented the new members to the assembled members and guests. Grand President Barbara also presented Diana Gomez, Gilroy Parlor No. 312, with her 25-year pin.

In lieu of gifts for her, Grand President Barbara requested that each parlor purchase California history books and donate them to a local school of their choice: Aleli Parlor No. 102 donated books to Natividad Elementary School in Salinas; Junipero Parlor No. 141 donated a book to Pacific Grove School in Pacific Grove; San Juan Bautista Parlor No. 179 donated books to Tres Piños Union School in Tres Piños; Gilroy Parlor No. 312 donated books to Brownell Middle School; and Santa Cruz Parlor No. 26 donated books to the neediest school in the Santa Cruz School District. Grand President Barbara presented each District 22 Parlor with the book Rivers of California.

Through Coin March and raffle proceeds, we were able to raise $169.00 for restoration projects at the Native Daughters of the Golden West Home in San

The event was a memorable one for all who attendedone made even more memorable when it started to SNOW outside! This is remarkable since the elevation in Salinas is about 70 feet above sea level. In fact, it had not snowed on the Salinas Valley floor since 1962.

Grand President Barbara closed the Visit with some inspiring words: "if it weren’t for all of the Parlors, we wouldn’t be Native Daughters of Golden West. We are very important to the State of California—for all the work we do for veterans and for children."

(photo credit: Marian Lujan)