Saturday, October 5, 2013

NDGW District 21 Hosts Tea to Benefit the NDGW Home

Native Daughters of the Golden West District 21 had a very successful and enjoyable NDGW Home Tea held at the NDGW Adobe in San Juan Bautista on September 22, 2013.

Supervising District Deputy Grand President Sharon M. Johnston, PGP, the Deputy Grand Presidents, and all four Subordinate Parlors – Santa Cruz No. 26, Aleli No. 102, Junipero No. 141, and San Juan Bautista No. 179 – were represented and provided the cookies, sandwiches, and funds for the raffle prizes. Baskets of organic apples were donated by President Ann Hestand of Santa Cruz Parlor.  Aleli Parlor member Laura Lawrence won three raffle prizes, including the grand prize of $25.00 in dollar coins.

Aleli Parlor member Laura Lawrence and San Juan Bautista Parlor member and Supervising District Deputy Grand President Sharon M. Johnston, PGP
Seventy-eight people attended with guests from many different parts of our State. Grand Trustee Karen Fini spoke about the needs of the Native Daughters Home in San Francisco, and opened the eyes of those who did not realize how great the needs are.  Painting, new drapes, replacement of window framing, carpeting, and an exhaust fan for the kitchen stove are but some of the major items needed at our Native Daughters Home.

Aleli Parlor members Rita Dominy and Joann Reyes
Afternoon attire and hats were the fashion for the afternoon, and the gentlemen in attendance were also very appropriately attired. Grand President Sharon Logan, Jr. Past Grand President Linda Galassi, Grand Vice President Suzi Riley, senior Grand Trustee Cynthia Connelly, Grand Trustee Karen Fini, several members of the NDGW Home Committee, and Past Grand Presidents Marilyn Rickett, Sylvia Lowrie, and Joan Hall assisted District 21 as we raised funds to assist with the maintenance of our Grand Lady on Baker Street. Regrets were received from several Grand Officers and Past Grand Presidents –  all wishing us a successful day – and some including donations for the Native Daughters Home.  We raised nearly $1,700 toward the drapery project.

Thank you to Sharon M. Johnston, PGP, for her contributions to this article.


  1. so the name of this group sounds really masonic, and that's pretty evil considering what masons have done to native people the world round

    -truthful nacho

  2. On the contrary...we are far from what you call 'evil.' Native Daughters of the Golden West is a service organization open to anyone, man or woman, born in California. We serve a variety of needs from veterans and the underprivileged and underserved in our communities to preserving the history and heritage of California. Please look over our main website at before you judge so harshly.

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